Vets2Home – Peaceful Pet Goodbyes
Helping pets at home in Brighton and Sussex area since 2005

"Life is a story - and how a story ends is the most important part"

Expert End-of-Life Pet Care at Home

Believing in the huge importance of how a good life should end, by having a peaceful pet goodbye at home, UK’s leading expert, pet euthanasia at home vet, Dr Suzen Gregersen (MRCVS) and her small Vets2Home team provide gentle, professional in-home, end-of-life veterinary care, animal hospice, palliative medicine and home euthanasia. We offer highly qualified mobile vet care in Sussex and borders from only a few specially trained end-of-life vets.

You don’t need to be registered with us to use our services and have a vet home visit. We come to you to care for your special companion whether a dog, cat, rabbit or any treasured family pet that needs specialised, peaceful, in-home veterinary care and home vet attention when they are approaching old age, battling chronic disease or facing terminal illness.

Our Hours

Urgent, vet home visits 9am-9pm, 7 days a week, all year round. By appointment only.

Office hours: 9am-2pm Monday-Friday for urgent/same day and also non-urgent home visits, general enquiries, advice and appointments for specialist end-of-life care in your home.

Our Founder

Dr Suzen Gregersen, DVM MBA CHPV MRCVS is one of only a handful of US Certified Vets in the UK within the field of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care and is the owner and founder of Vets2Home – Peaceful Pet Goodbyes. 

Pet Quality of Life Check

We want you to keep your ailing pet comfortable and with you for as long as possible – without extra worry, pain or travel. We are truly specialists in our field with many years of experience in helping pet and supporting families in knowing when the comfort and joy has disappeared and pain and suffering is taking over in your pet’s life.

Please download our daily or weekly Quality of Life check form and scoring chart from the link below to help ease your mind and monitor your pet’s daily comfort levels. This will help you to know when ‘the time’ is getting closer.

Pet Euthanasia at Home

Our premium, specialist and personal service (since 2005) is to help give beloved pets and their families the most gentle and peaceful parting experience in the comfort of their own home. Putting your dog to sleep at home, we believe is the very last gesture of love, “a real gift of peace” when all other options have been exhausted to keep your pet comfortable.

Likewise, putting your cat to sleep at home, will give him or her the ultimate pain relief, without stress or travel, when it’s most needed and nothing more can be done. Gentle pet euthanasia at home, always with a pain-free tailored sedation first, is ‘The Loving Choice’ and last gift we have for our beloved furry family members when your cat’s or dog’s quality of life has gone. We truly believe the saying that one week or even one month ‘too soon’ is a far better choice than even one day ‘too late’. A good, planned pet euthanasia at home makes for good lasting memories, for the whole family.

Respectful Pet Aftercare

We at Vets2Home take the care and handling of your pet very seriously, both before, during and after a peaceful pet euthanasia at home. For that reason we only work with one of the most highly accredited pet crematoria in the UK, Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium and Pet Cemetery. We have a range of options available to honour your pet afterwards.

Chestnut Lodge is a founding member of the APPCC who are independently inspected and adhere to the stringent APPCC Code of Practice always ensuring respectful and gentle handling of your beloved pet throughout the whole process. We can guarantee your special companion will be handled with the utmost care and respect at all times, just as if he or she were our own pet.

Our Expert Team

Dr Suzen has personally been helping families and pets find peace at home since 2005, by offering comfort care, end-of-life emergency vet services 7 days a week, and gentle pet euthanasia. Since 2014 she has been sharing this important task with her trusted Senior Vet, Dr Joaquin Feliu, BVSc MRCVS. Dr Suzen, Dr Jo and Dr Mara offer end-of-life care for all your pet’s needs. We help you and your pet stay at home, coming out to you – without the stress and worry when faced with the end of your life-journey together. Our three expert vets help make this last treasured time as special and pain-free as possible while also ensuring that the last few moments, days or months you have left together, can be enjoyed fully. Your pet’s comfort and the whole family experience is paramount to us in every carefully considered step we take with you regarding your companion’s care towards the end.

Dr Suzen Gregersen

Dr Suzen is the founder and owner of Vets2Home – Peaceful Pets Goodbyes and one of the first certified animal hospice and palliative care vets in the UK. From the time of graduation as a vet and starting her pioneering mobile vet practice in 2005, being a devout animal-lover and animal welfare advocate, Suzen has been passionate about helping animals in their own home have a peaceful end.

Dr Joaquin Perez Feliu

Dr Jo is a Vets2Home’s Senior Veterinary Surgeon, and has extensive experience from clinical practice. He joined Dr Suzen in 2014 as an end of life mobile vet. He is married to Beccy and the proud dad of Joaquin Jr. and their Springer Spaniel, Luna. Dr Jo’s warm, soft-spoken nature, his professionalism and care are a natural match for Vets2Home’s specialised services and our clients are always very impressed with his natural kindness and compassion.


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