Aftercare Options - Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium & Pet Cemetery

Eventually, many owners after a period of time, have to face their beloved pet’s passing and need to organise to have their pet looked after their passing, usually, this involves organising for their beloved pet to be cremated.

Vets2Home take the care of your pet very seriously, both before and after their peaceful passing at home.

For that reason we work only with one of the most highly accredited pet crematoria in the UK, Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium and Pet Cemetery, in East Grinstead.

About Chestnut Lodge

Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium & Pet Cemetery is a founding member of the APPCC who are independently inspected and comply with the Consumer Protection Regulations as well as adhering to the stringent APPCC Code of Practice always ensuring respectful handling throughout the whole process.

This is Vets2Home, Peaceful Pet Goodbyes’ policy to ensure that your special companion will be handled with utmost care and respect at all times. Your Aftercare Options The actual cremation of your beloved pet will be carried out to standards that are second to none to ensure your peace of mind at a difficult time.

Your three options afterward are individual cremation, group cremation, or burial and you can read more about these options below. If you decide to let our specialist vet take care of everything and manage the cremation after gentle euthanasia, it is our promise to you that we will personally handle and hand-deliver your pet’s remains to you or your normal vet practice so you know that your companion is always safe with us at all times until they are back at home with you.

Individual Cremation

The 100% Individual Pet Cremation service is carried out by Chestnut Lodge to standards that are second to none. Your beloved family member will be handled with care and respect from beginning to end after your pets death. It will be just your pet in the cremation chamber and Chestnut Lodge will meticulously sweep out all the ash from your pet after the cremation has finished. This care in preserving all the ash is carried through all the preparation. You then have the choice of how you would like the ashes returned with the choice of a range of keepsakes to choose from. As a very unique gesture, Vets2Home will hand-deliver your companion’s ashes back to you or your normal vet practice according to your wishes. As proof of our high standards, you and your family are always invited to attend the cremation if you wish to see any part of the process and to pay your respects. Chestnut Lodge guarantee to continue to honour the longstanding trust we place in them to look after our clients and their furry family members to the highest standards.

Group Cremation

The Communal or Group Pet Cremation Service is a dignified alternative to the Individual Cremation. Many people prefer not to have the ashes of their beloved pet returned to them and that is completely ok too. The Communal Pet Cremation Service gives your pet the courtesy of careful and respectful handling and a beautiful, undisturbed final resting place after their death. This sets them apart from other services that may bear the same name. The handling of your treasured four-legged family member is the same as the individual service. The only difference is that pets are cremated side by side and all the ashes are placed into a grave in the Pet Cemetery at Chestnut Lodge. You are always welcome to visit Chestnut Lodge to see your pet’s final resting place and you may become a Pet Cemetery client if you wish to have further visiting rights or to place a memorial. The lovely people at Chestnut Lodge will send out a Certificate of Cremation to acknowledge your pet’s ashes have been laid to rest in their Pet Cemetery.

Pet Home Burial

You may alternatively choose an informal burial at home, in your own garden or a more formal one in a plot marked by a headstone, plaque or full grave surround at Chestnut Lodge after your pet has been put down. In the rare event your dog or cat has passed away naturally, Chestnut Lodge offers the same quality service for them too of course. If you prefer a simpler burial then you may choose a green burial. Here your beloved pet is wrapped in a shroud and buried in a plot marked by a shrub and a small tree stake plot marker after their death. The green area will eventually form part of the woodland. There are formal or green plots for the burial of ashes or they may be scattered over the grounds of the Pet Cemetery. You may visit your plot at any time. For home burials please check with your local council what the regulations are before proceeding with this option. In general in most areas, a depth of approximately 3-4 feet (1 meter) minimum is required. We will of course help you prepare your pet for this if you so wish.

Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium & Pet Cemetery: Our Story

Recently we have seen a great deal of change in the veterinary world. So many practices are now becoming part of large commercial groups and with older partners retiring, a new era has arrived. This is often focused on the commercial rather than the old professional values once held. Many practices are now moving back to commercial veterinary cremation services that provide high levels of profit as well as handling all clinical waste at the same time. We have vowed to maintain our ethical standards and now concentrate mainly on providing cremation services to professional vets such as Dr Suzen Gregersen from Vets2Home, that want to keep a high standard of service for their clients.