Why Euthanise Your Pet at Home?

When your pet is very ill, has suffered a serious injury or old age is beginning to seriously impact his/her quality of life, you will eventually come to a point when you face the decision to put an end to his/her suffering. Difficult and painful to make, this decision will raise many questions, including where to give your beloved pet a peaceful end. We believe home pet euthanasia is the best and kindest solution. Why euthanise your pet at home? Read on to find out…

Veterinarian Clinics and Pet Euthanasia

Visiting a veterinarian clinic – a busy environment packed with strange sights, sounds and smells; lots of strange people and other animals – can be extremely intimidating, stressful and worrying for dogs and cats at the best of times.

When you take your pet to the vets to be euthanised, you will most likely feel distressed about the impending prospect of losing your beloved companion and worried (“am I really doing the right thing”; “will he/she suffer/feel pain”, etc.).

Pets (and especially dogs) can sense their owners’ emotions and sensing your distress and worry will further add to your pet’s own discomfort, which makes the whole process even more stressful and worrying for him/her.

What’s more, while vets will do their best to make your pet (and you) as comfortable as possible, their busy clinic schedules do generally mean that euthanising your beloved furry, feathered or scaled friend must be done within a specific time frame.

Depending on individual clinics’ policies and available space, the number of people permitted to attend this final act of kindness and say their goodbyes to your pet may also be limited. This, of course, can be especially difficult to accept for children, who often regard pets as their best friends or even siblings and want to be with them during their final moments.

Combined with the strange, clinical setting, this can make pet euthanasia at a vet’s clinic a thoroughly unpleasant experience for all concerned – and far from the gentle, peaceful end you had hoped to give him/her.

Home Pet Euthanasia

We here at Vets2Home are animal lovers and pet owners ourselves. We also have years of experience in helping animals pass away peacefully and know that they are at their most relaxed within the comfort of their own home, surrounded by loved ones.

Combining this experience and knowledge with our firm belief that all animals deserve to have a peaceful end free from stress and pain, we will help you give your pet such a peaceful end by:

  • Coming to your home or any other place where your pet was at his/her happiest (like a favourite park or forest walk, for example), and
  • Ensuring everything is done in a gentle, unhurried manner tailored specifically to suit your beloved pet’s personality; his/her circumstances and your family’s overall situation.

Invariably talking you, your family and everyone else who wishes to be present (friends, neighbours, etc.) through the process first to ensure everyone knows what to expect and addressing any concerns/questions you may have, our caring, experienced mobile pet euthanasia specialists will then give everyone the opportunity – and as much time as they need – to say goodbye.

When everyone has done so and is ready to proceed, we will inject a specially developed sedative into the scruff of your pet’s neck. This painless injection (most pets don’t even realise it is happening) will allow your pet to fall asleep. Administered once your pet is in a deep sleep, the fast-acting final injection will then allow your pet to pass away immediately, without pain, stress and completely at peace.

So, Why Euthanise Your Pet at Home?

The answer to this question is simple: taking place in familiar, comfortable surroundings away from the busy, strange setting of a vet’s clinic, home pet euthanasia is less worrying and stressful for both your pet and you – giving him/her the peaceful end your beloved companion deserves.

To learn more about our mobile pet euthanasia services or discuss your pet’s specific needs, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of our friendly team today.


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